Openfind data gatherer

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What is Openfind data gatherer?


Openfind data gatherer is an uncategorized agent. It's not currently known to be artificially intelligent or AI-related. If you think that's incorrect or can provide more detail about its purpose, please contact us.


Not currently assigned a type

Expected Behavior

Behavior will vary depending on whether this agent is a search engine crawler, data scraper, archiver, one-off fetcher, etc.

Access Control

Using Robots.txt

User Agent Token Description
Openfind data gatherer Should match instances of Openfind data gatherer

You can block Openfind data gatherer or limit its access by setting user agent token rules in your website's robots.txt.

# robots.txt
# This blocks Openfind data gatherer

User-agent: Openfind data gatherer
Disallow: /

Instead of doing this manually, you can generate your robots.txt automatically using the free API or Wordpress plugin.

Get the Robots.txt


Other Websites

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