Dark Visitors

Track and Control Artificial Agents Crawling Your Website

Half of your website's traffic is invisible to you. It comes from the hidden ecosystem of AI assistants, scrapers, search crawlers, and other bots swarming across the internet. Dark Visitors lets you analyze, protect, and optimize your content for these artificial agents, which are becoming more intelligent every day.

There are 50 agents crawling this website right now.

Expose Your Hidden Page Views

Get realtime insight into the increasingly meaningful activity of artificial agents that other analytics platforms hide from you. See a live demo →
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A few seconds ago
AI Data Scraper
from the United States
2 minutes ago
Search Engine Crawler
from Canada
3 minutes ago
AI Search Crawler
from the United States

Spot Emerging AI Trends

See when people are using AI assistants or autonomous agents to access your website on their behalf. See a live demo →


AI Assistant

Protect Your Content From Scraping

Generate a robots.txt that automatically stays up to date with the latest agents. Find out which ones are breaking your rules. See a live demo →
Disallowed by your robots.txt
2 minutes ago
AI Data Scraper
from China
Disallowed by your robots.txt
7 minutes ago
AI Data Scraper
from Singapore
Disallowed by your robots.txt
13 minutes ago
from the United States

Identify Top Agents and Pages

See which agents visit your website the most, and which of your pages they're most interested in.

Connect Your Website in Seconds

Set up agent analytics and your robots.txt using the simple API or WordPress plugin.
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