The Company

Dark Visitors was founded in New York City by Gavin King, a software engineering lead with years of experience building products and teams at companies including Instagram (Meta), Vimeo, PayPal, Intuit, and a handful of startups. If you want to reach out, feel free to send an email.

The Product

Half of your website's traffic is invisible to you. It comes from the hidden ecosystem of AI assistants, scrapers, search crawlers, and other bots swarming across the internet. Dark Visitors lets you analyze, protect, and optimize your content for these artificial agents, which are becoming more intelligent every day.


Links to demos can be found on the home page.


An overview of all agent activity on the website
A timeline of all agent visits to the website
Insights into an agent's activity on the website
Insights into agents who are not following the website's robots.txt rules
Agent details including insight into how many websites are blocking it

Website Owner FAQ

Is Dark Visitors free?

Dark Visitors is a freemium service. Most websites use fewer events than the free event usage limit. Larger websites only pay for what they use. More detail can be found on the pricing page.

What are some examples of agents?

Examples include GPTBot, CCBot, Claudebot, PerplexityBot, Googlebot, etc. See the full agent list for more.

Why should I care about agents?

There are many reasons. Their activity affects:

Agent Operator FAQ

How do I add my agent?

Please send us an email, and we'll add a page for it.

Why should I add my agent?

Your agent page will help promote it to new users. It also gives website owners visibility into what it's doing, so they can better optimize for it.