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What is Googlebot-Video?


Googlebot-Video is a search engine crawler operated by Google. It's not currently known to be artificially intelligent or AI-related. If you think that's incorrect or can provide more detail about its purpose, please contact us.


Operator Google


Search Engine Crawler
Indexes web content for search engine results

Expected Behavior

Search engine crawlers do not adhere to a fixed visitation schedule for websites. The frequency of visits varies widely based on several factors, including popularity, the rate at which its content is updated, and the website's overall trustworthiness. Websites with fresh, high-quality content tend to be crawled more frequently, while less active or less reputable sites may be visited less often.


Activity on Your Website

Half of your website's traffic probably comes from artificial agents, and they're becoming more intelligent every day.

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Other Websites

of top websites are currently blocking Googlebot-Video in some way
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Access Control

Should I Block Googlebot-Video?

Probably not. Search engine crawlers power search engines, which are a useful way for users to discover your website. In fact, blocking search engine crawlers could severely reduce your traffic.

Using Robots.txt

User Agent Token Description
Googlebot-Video Should match instances of Googlebot-Video

You can block Googlebot-Video or limit its access by setting user agent token rules in your website's robots.txt.

# robots.txt
# This should block Googlebot-Video

User-agent: Googlebot-Video
Disallow: /

Instead of doing this manually, you can generate a robots.txt that stays up to date with the agent list automatically.

Set Up Your Robots.txt