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What is ChatGPT-User?


ChatGPT-User is dispatched by OpenAI's ChatGPT in response to user prompts. Its answers will usually contain a summary of the content on the website rather than relaying it to the user directly.




AI Assistant
Intelligently performs tasks on behalf of a user

Expected Behavior

AI Assistants generally make one-off visits to websites based on user requests, rather than crawling the web in any automatic fashion.

Access Control

Using Robots.txt

User Agent Token Description
ChatGPT-User Should match instances of ChatGPT-User

You can block ChatGPT-User or limit its access by setting user agent token rules in your website's robots.txt.

# robots.txt
# This blocks ChatGPT-User

User-agent: ChatGPT-User
Disallow: /

Instead of editing your robots.txt manually, use the API or Wordpress plugin to keep your robots.txt up to date with the agent list automatically.

Get the Robots.txt


Other Websites

of top websites are currently blocking ChatGPT-User in some way
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