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What is Amazonbot?


Amazonbot is a web crawler used by Amazon to index search results that allow the Alexa AI Assistant to answer user questions. Alexa's answers normally contain references to the website.




AI Search Crawler
Indexes web content for AI-powered search results

Expected Behavior

AI Search Crawlers do not adhere to a fixed visitation schedule for websites. The frequency of visits varies widely based on many factors, and can even happen on-demand in response to a user query.

Access Control

Using Robots.txt

User Agent Token Description
Amazonbot Should match instances of Amazonbot

You can block Amazonbot or limit its access by setting user agent token rules in your website's robots.txt.

# robots.txt
# This blocks Amazonbot

User-agent: Amazonbot
Disallow: /

Instead of editing your robots.txt manually, use the API or Wordpress plugin to keep your robots.txt up to date with the agent list automatically.

Get the Robots.txt


Other Websites

of top websites are currently blocking Amazonbot in some way
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